Founded as an upper-segment brand in 2019, DUCA claimed its spot among Turkey s most elite in circulation pump manufacturing and started exporting to over 11 countries.



As a top-segment brand founded i

n 2019, DUCA has become one the most elite brands in Turkey in the field of manufacturing circulation pump and begun to export more than 11 countries. 

Circulation pumps, manufactured in the form of materials and configurations changing based on the application needs, are the most crucial parts to ensure the circulation of the hot water, heating and cooling system of the houses. These parts needed by the modern construction sector can be supplied by the DUCA brand with the energy-efficient and traditional varieties.

DUCA considers the whole world as its target market. The circulation pumps used in hot water circulation, which is the basis of both construction and air conditioning systems, are manufactured by DUCA in European standards and exported to all over the world.

DUCA brand that contains the traits of innovation and sustainability at its core, exports the most basic parts that will be a solution to the need for combi boiler spare parts. Our brand founded with the goal of actively selling all over the world as a global company has put the DUCA signature under the circulation pumps that are the most crucial spare parts of the air conditioning industry by combining the idea of excellence with the goal of sustainability. 

Our brand that was founded with 100% Turkish capital has started out to export the pump systems to all countries of the world. DUCA that is the new face of a brand gaining a corporate identity with the years of experience has taken the first step to make a name for Turkey to the world. Our brand aiming to gain a permanent place in a sector that attracts attention in domestic and international fairs will be the choice of those who do important work with small parts for the transportation of hot water in buildings ranging from a remote village to huge skyscrapers.

DUCA opening its doors to the world with a variety of circulation pumps and combi boiler spare parts has started its activities in order to "be everywhere", which is the most important trait of the Information age, and started to offer services by aiming to be the number one in the world.

Our company, which has the goal of achieving important work with these small parts which will become a more important need as the use of renewable energy becomes widespread, aims to be sustainable in high efficiency pump systems.

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