Discover our technical researches and Quality Management.

Discover our technical research and Quality Management.
 The company, where Duca Pump is manufactured, established a technical research center at its establishment. Currently, this center has more than 100 technical staff, including 3 people with 3 PhD degrees, 15 people with a master's degree, 5 senior engineers and 30 engineers with titles above intermediate level. These members have specialized in various fields such as research, processing, engineering, marketing and others. In another words, this research team is well organized.
It is dedicated to the research of efficient motor research as well as control, communication and new energy technologies for pumps. Meanwhile, research is also being carried out for medium and high-end products. The technical research center offers product data management software called PDM to perform the product data management.
Our research center is a strategy and aims to "strengthen our platform, create core technology, focus on the production process, serve the production market, focus on customer value, and the needs of the leading market ". Our product will attract much attraction after being researched. In this way, technical research promotes the rapid development of the manufacturing industry. 

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