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The circulators are the pumps that are electrically powered and used for water circulation in heating, air conditioning and hot water usage systems.

Duca circulation systems, part of our commitment not to compromise on quality and to systematize the energy in the most efficient way possible, and also Duca circulation pumps are sold to be used in all new boiler installations and boiler replacements and is rapidly rising in the world market.

Basically, energy-efficient circulation pumps offer intelligent speed control. Speed-controlled pumps automatically adjust their output to changing demand due to outdoor temperature, sunlight level, general activity and other heating sources. The benefit of having a more efficient circulation motor pump is significant energy savings that are directly related to cost savings.

In fact…

Replacing a circulation pump is as life-saving as replacing a broken refrigerator. According to the researches conducted, the circulators have become up to 80% more efficient in terms of energy consumption in the last 5 years. A more energy efficient pump can seriously change a home's energy profile without any construction work. It seems that the issue of energy efficiency will become an increasingly important selling point for home buyers.

Energy-efficient pumps also help eliminate noisy pipes.

Duca circulation pump is a sealed circulation pump with flange connection, electronically modified motor and automatic performance adaptation.

Duca Product Features / Product Advantages:

1) A class energy efficiency

2) Up to 80% power savings compared to fixed speed circulation pumps

3) Maximum efficiency thanks to ECM (Electronically modified motor) technology

4) 3 times higher start compared to traditional circulation pumps

5) Quick electrical connection with spring clips

6) Resistance to lime build-up

7) Leakproof structure

With the abovementioned advantages and more, the energy savings provided by the Wilo circulation pump will pay the cost of the pump within months.

One of the Leading Brands on the Road to Energy Efficiency: DUCA

The energy label enables us to make informed choices, and the range of products bearing the label is expanding. In the simplest terms, circulators are electrically powered pumps used for circulation water in heating, air conditioning and hot water usage systems. Choose the Duca Class A labeled circulation pump and benefit from at least 10% saving in your electricity bill. Saving isn't just monetary - energy efficiency makes a difference in the world we all live in, benefiting the environment.

It is worth noting that it has the title of Best Energy Saving Circulator. The Duca circulation pump maintains your comfort and adapts to the changing demands of the house. In this way, it saves a significant amount of electricity and thus reduces CO₂ emissions in equal amounts. For energy efficiency, a class A circulation pump would be an extremely reliable and environmentally responsible choice.

You can contact us to get more information about Duca brand circulator pumps and to be a partner in a valuable investment for your home.