5 different capacity selections can be made on our product and if the PWM cable is connected, the pump switches to operating mode in line with the PWM signal.


    Since we make the body of our product from BMC plastic, we have the following distinguishing features:

    • The plastic body provides a more aesthetic and smaller appearance to the pump.
    • The plastic body is more resistant to moisture than the aluminum body.
    • Because the stator is completely covered with plastic, it prevents it from coming into contact with water.
    • Because the injected engine is in a tight structure, less noise and it vibrates.
    • There are two options as DC and AC.

    Main Features

    • EEI≤0.23
    • Anti-condensation, high insulation
    • Compact and light
    • Quiet and watertight
    • PWM speed control/ 5-stage speed control
    • Imported exhaust valve/ automatic exhaust function
    • Multiple mounting methods
    • Pump body shaft/bearing ceramic
    • Nominal diameter 15mm
    • Suitable for use in 18,20,24,30,35kw boilers