Products can be customized according to customer's voltage and frequency
    Various pump body structures applied to various types of installations

    Caleffi Automatic Air Vent


    Main features


    • Performance Range
    • Max. Flow: 2m3/h
    • Max. Head: 7m
    • Application Features
    • Liquid temperature: +2°C~+95°C
    • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
    • Maximum system pressure: 10bar
    • Protection level: IP44
    • Mains connection: 220V/50Hz
    • Insulation class: H
    • Pumped fluid properties: clean, free of solids and mineral oils, non-toxic, chemically neutral, close to water properties
    • Mounting: the motor shaft must be held in the horizontal direction.
    • pH: 6.5-8.5
    • Certificates
    • Rohs, Ce
    • Scope of application
    • Gas or electric boiler etc. for hot or cold water circulation system
    • 3 step setting
    • Low noise with wet rotor use
    • auto exhaust

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