BPS-W 15-5

    With our BPS-W models, we have developed a special, user-friendly model for the first time in Turkey, and in this way, we have prevented the workshops from losing time by dismantling the plastic body during assembly, and preventing the nature from being damaged by unnecessary plastic use.

    In addition, we are working to provide better quality service by gifting all the other parts that the practitioners need while shipping our products.


    Main features


    • Performance Range
    • Max. Flow: 2m3/h
    • Max. Head: 7m
    • Application Features
    • Liquid temperature: +2°C~+95°C
    • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
    • Maximum system pressure: 10bar
    • Protection level: IP44
    • Mains connection: 220V/50Hz
    • Insulation class: H
    • Pumped fluid properties: clean, free of solids and mineral oils, non-toxic, chemically neutral, close to water properties
    • Mounting: the motor shaft must be held in the horizontal direction.
    • pH: 6.5-8.5
    • Certificates
    • Rohs, Ce
    • Scope of application
    • Gas or electric boiler etc. for hot or cold water circulation system
    • 3 step setting
    • Low noise with wet rotor use
    • auto exhaust

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