Brass hydraulic group with front pump connection for combi boilers.

    It can be used with on-off or stepper type 3-way valve motors.

    Standard delivery includes flow and return blocks, DHW filter, flow regulator with capacity according to customer demand, radial turbine type flow meter with Hall effect sensor, manual filling cock, 3-way valve cartridge, brass or plastic 3 bar 1⁄2” safety valve 1 ⁄2” and 3⁄4” connection nipples are available.


    The hydraulic group can be offered with plate heat exchanger, 3-way valve motor, pressure switch or sensor and NTC sensor in line with customer demand.


    Main features


    • Flow Measurement: Turbine Type Flow Meter with Hall Effect Sensor
    • Pump Connection: Side
    • By Pass Method: From PHE
    • Body Material:CuZn40Pb2 (CW617N)
    • Flow Regulator: 6 - 22 (lt/min)
    • Safety Valve: 3 bar 1⁄2”

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